50 Gedanken zu „KILLSHOT [Official Audio]“

  1. This shit is lit.

    MGK is decent and had a great idea by causing beef to publicise his album but shouldn’t have fired at the rap god.

    Em is the greatest and MGK knows as he copied Ems flow. If you listen to MGKs Alpha Omega you’ll see what I mean.

  2. If u listen to all these punch lines only Slim Shady can do this been running the show since 1st jam came out. I’m saying barzzzzzzzzzz 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Binge selling 21k in it’s first week.
    EP totally wack.
    Kamikaze still sold above it despite being on its fourth week

  4. Mgk planned out rap devil for months
    Eminem did this in a week.
    I bet Eminem didn’t even really try here.
    And if you really new what it was about its some deep shit

  5. With the biggest press on a release probably ever, mgk binge sold 21k in the first week 😨 then there’s Kamakazi with zero press that’s killing it worldwide! Em is KING!

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